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Corporate discount on air travel in the contract. More information.

The list of required documents for the direct agency agreements for the sale of air transportation in the forms of strict accountability

I. Passport – Profile of the agency:

1. Full and abbreviated official name of the agency in Ukrainian and English languages ​​(legal form). If you are a newly established company through reorganization or change in the name, then additionally select the previous data, the official name, location (full addresses of sales offices), name ‘, middle management;
2. Ownership;
3. Title Agency (an independent legal entity, branch, subsidiary, representative, resident, non-resident);
4. Date of foundation;
5. Full legal address;
6. The location of the agency and its affiliates (the actual full address, IATA all sales offices);
7. Bank details (account in UAH Exchange account);
8. Last name, first name, date and year of birth, contact details (phone, fax, e-mail) director, chief accountant, the contact person for the execution of the transaction;
9. Information on the number and qualifications of the personnel of the enterprise (surname, first name, date and year of birth, certificates, diplomas, certificates, work experience, contact information (phone, fax, e-mail);
10. Schedule of work of the enterprise and its branches;
11. Redundancy, technology addresses consoles Global Distribution Systems;
12. Sample stamp – validator;
13. Storage conditions BSO funds, reports cashiers;
14. Photos appearance agency offices, outdoor signage, employment agents to sell air services (desirable).

II. Copies of the documents stamped and signed by the head of the enterprise:

1. Certificate of state registration of the legal entity;
2. Charter;
3. Help from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USREOU);
4. Documents confirming the appointment of the director (Minutes of the general meeting and the letter of appointment);
5. The license for the type of economic activity;
6. Certificate of State Aviation Administration for the right to sell air transportation;
7. Statement of Financial Performance;
8. The act of the last audit or an act of the last inspection of the financial and economic activities by tax authorities;
9. The certificate of registration of the taxpayer;
10. Certificate of the registration of the taxpayer;
11. Deposit account (a financial guarantee), the size of which is agreed with the carrier


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