Engineering and technical services system

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At present Aircompany “Dniproavia” is able to offer the following services: 

Maintenance services:

  •  Boeing-737-300/400/500 (CFM-56-3): Line maintenance – All types of work up to A-Check (not including), elimination of defects; base maintenance – All types of work up to C -Check (not including).
  •  Embraer 190 (GE CF34): Line maintenance – All types of work up to Intermedia Maintenance (INT) (not including) elimination of defects; All types of work from Intermedia Maintenance(INT) up to Basic –Maintenance (BASIC) (not including).
  • Embraer -145 (AE3007A): Line maintenance – All types of work up to A-Check (not including), elimination of defects; base maintenance – All types of work up to C -Check (including).
  •  Bell-407 (RR 250-C47B): Line maintenance – maintenance on a periodic basis 25, 50, 100, 150 hours, elimination of defects.
  • Engine change;
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT), III level;
  • Repair of composite structures;
  • Airframe testing, Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (СРСР); repair of structural defects of aircraft;
  •  Interior repair;
  • Wash of aircraft exterior;
  • Maintenance of accumulator batteries;
  • Wheel tires replacement;

Engineering for Boeing 737; EMBRAER-145,190, more specifically:

  •  Total analysis of flights and incidents. Flight data translating and analysis 
  •  Engineer support implementation of Aviation Directives, Service bulletins, cooperation with developer of AT
  •  Operational document development (MP,MEL)
  •  Preparation of recommendations for continuing airworthiness 
  •  Continuing airworthiness Part M


The company has an opportunity to provide services in delivery, repair and management of spare parts and components for Boeing 737; Embraer-145,190. To provide fast and profitable delivery of spare parts and components to the territory of Europe and the CIS, warehouse inventories are permanently replenished. PJSC Dniproavia cooperates with more than 100 partners worldwide which supply with aviation spare parts and components. The company has available own reserve of spare parts for aircraft B737, Embraer-145,190.

All spare details have necessary certificates of the flight conformance (for example, FAA 8130, EASA, JAA) and a standard warranty.

PJSC Dniproavia possesses own hangar in which it is possible to place aircraft such as Airbus A319/A320/A321, Boeing 737 for performing maintenance and it has total area of 7180,0 sq.m. The company has the modern shops: shop for repair of elements from composite materials; shop for structural repair; painting shop; workshop for repair of the landing gear and brakes, avionics, a crash equipment, accumulators, a workshop of interior operations.

For more information, please contact us: +38 (056) 376-23-70  e-mail:

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