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Dear passengers, if for any reason your luggage does not arrive on time, baggage tracing procedure begins immediately after revealing the fact of non-arrival of luggage!

Checked baggage – it’s baggage that is transported under the responsibility of th carrier. A registered luggage carrier issues a baggage check, which is part of the ticket and baggage identification tag for each piece of luggage.

Checked baggage will be transported in the luggage compartment.

Procedure for Investigation of checked baggage is as follows:

  1. Immediately after revealing the fact of non-arrival of luggage, you, together with the authorized representative of the Airline, it is necessary to make PIR – a statement of an incident with the luggage.
  2. Form, according to which fills PIR, provide representative. In the PIR contribute data to strictly comply with the information in the ticket and baggage tag. There should also be made an inventory of luggage – a list of things (number, name, value), which were in the luggage. For each piece of luggage A separate inventory.
  3. You are entitled to compensation for the purchase of basic necessities. Compensation shall, after filling in a special statement and demands for compensation. More detailed information on the procedure, as well as the size of the payment of compensation, please contact representatives.
  4. According to the Warsaw Convention, you have the right to give notice of the non-arrival of luggage within 21 calendar days, in the case of lost luggage, you may file a written claim within two years from the date of detection of this fact.
  5. Attention! Be sure to keep all the papers about your flight (tickets, boarding passes, luggage tag) before you finish tracing your baggage.
  6. Once your luggage is found, representatives Airlines immediately inform you about it.

Contact the coordinator baggage tracing 

tel / fax: +38 0562 395605
e – mail: [email protected]
lost& [email protected]

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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