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The occupational health facility (OHF) of PJSC “AC” Dniproavia” is prevention and treatment facility which provides health services to aviation specialists of more than 16 air companies of the southeast and central regions of Ukraine. OHF has approval documents of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the accreditation certificate and the license of the Ministry of health in Ukraine.

Main objectives of the occupational health facility of PJSC Dniproavia are:

  •  Medical support of flight safety;
  • Medical certification of aviation specialists 1,2,3 classes
  • Provision of out-patient, qualified and specialized medical care;
  • Carrying out preventive and antiepidemic actions;

OHF PJSC “Dniproavia” provides a wide range of medical services. The main of them is medical certification of aviation specialists of 1, 2 and 3 classes which includes: revalidation of medical certificates, additional certification, suspension or change of the medical certificate.

OHF offers the following services:

  • Advisory of qualified experienced doctors;
  • Outpatient practice;
  • Carrying out routine medical examinations of employees with harmful labor conditions;
  • Carrying out routine medical examinations and observation of employees who are subject to regular medical check-up;
  • Carrying out medical examination in case of employment, before and after shift-work, before and after flight;
  • Selective examination of crews;
  • passing of the medical examination commission of potential drivers and drivers of vehicles;
  • Aircrew health surveillance in the certified period.

Highly qualified doctors of the following specialist field have practice: otolaryngologist, surgeon, neuropathologist, cardiologist, therapist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, doctor of aviation medicine. On the basis of OHF the clinical laboratory and an office of the functional diagnostics (an electrocardiogram, VEP, spirometry) function.

Contacts: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovs’k, Airport 42, hotel “Aeroflot”, first floor tel./fax +38 (056) 376-24-22

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